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    these are small those cows are far away

    Note the reference in the article to Huddlestone. I tend to agree with it.

    Soccer: Palacios and Sandro could turn out to be key players in the rest of Spurs' season - ESPN

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    Yeah I agree with it as well, a good read. Modric does need a DM next time but Hudd and Modric compliment one another well, Tommy does seem to get forward quite often and that could leave our back 4 exposed at times. Sandro, when I watched him for Internacional he really sat back deep and was the ball winner for them and did an excellent job at this so he could well be a key player for us when playing against sides who have a CM that they really play through ie, Seedorf for Milan. Palacios on the other hand can do the same job, but he seems erratic at times when going into tackles much like the article states, mostly mistimed in the end but he too could play this role well if he stays composed. If Sandro can continue to progress he'll be immense for us in seasons to come, he could move Palacios out of the team but given our back luck with injuries I think we'll hold onto all of our CMs through the summer unless we go after someone who will better the squad than what we have. is in no way authorised by or connected with Tottenham Hotspur [insert appropriate acronym] or the official club website. is solely an unofficial supporters club website and has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur in ANY capacity. The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors. Externally linked content is the property of the relevant copyright holder.
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