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    I am off to Milan as a ST holder, however my girlfriend will be going on my dads ticket. Not too much of a problem apart from the travel details form that we have got to fill out.

    Do I fill out the form with my dads details or my girlfriends? Obviously, spurs might reject the application if I put my girlfriends details on the form, but am a bit concerned using all my dads details when he's not travelling. Any advice on what others have done for the Inter game would be greatly appreciated.

    Also do the tickets come with the name of the ST holder on them? Do they check these on the gate?

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    Too late now, I know(!), but really shouldn't be a problem. I had to do something similar for Bremen. Ticket holder details on the form, and no, they don't put your name on the ticket. Besides which, the checks haven't been on that kind of stuff when getting into the grounds anyway. is in no way authorised by or connected with Tottenham Hotspur [insert appropriate acronym] or the official club website. is solely an unofficial supporters club website and has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur in ANY capacity. The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors. Externally linked content is the property of the relevant copyright holder.
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