Our Most Memorable Wins

The Tottenham Hotspurs have long been a part of the English Premier League since the inception of the event in 1992. And after many years of playing at mediocre levels and now seeing as many wins as other teams, the Hotspurs would eventually come into their own, and are now considered one of the best teams that the Premier League has to offer in 2022.

Today, the Hotspurs are one of the heavy hitters within the Premier League, and most other teams will have to face them at one point or another over the course of the season. Let’s look at some of the biggest wins in soccer games that the Hotspurs have claimed over the years.

  1. Tottenham vs. Southampton

Considered one of the most exciting Premier games of all time for both the Hotspurs and Southampton, the match eventually ended with a 7-2 final score in favour of Tottenham. Southampton entered the game strong and scored the opening goals thanks to Jo Tessem before Dean Richards managed to level the score. Tahar El Khalej would then go on to restore the single goal just five minutes later.

After that, it was like a switch got flipped for the Spurs, who would score another three goals in just six minutes, leaving the audience completely stunned. Before the end of the game, the Spurs would claim a further three goals for the second half, ending on a respectable 7-2.

  1. Tottenham vs. Hull

It proved to be an incredible year of Harry Kane, who finished off his excellent season with the Spurs and was given the Premier League Golden Boots after he helped the team end this game against Hull with a victory of 7-1, one of the best that the Spurs have ever achieved. Kane opened the scoring during the 11th minute and would go on to claim another goal only two minutes later.

Dele Alli would add another goal before Hull City’s Clam Clucas tried to claw his team back from losing. Victor Wanyama would continue the Spurs’ winning streak for the match by restoring the goal lead, followed once again by Kane who earned his hat trick as well as his 29th goal for the season just a few moments later. Toby Alderweireld and Ben Davies also scored their first goals of the season during this match.

  1. Tottenham vs. Wigan Athletic

In November of 2009, the Tottenham Spurs would put on what many argue is their very best game to date, claiming an incredible 9-1 victory over Wigan Athletic, one that’s still talked about in Australian sports betting circles. It’s also the second biggest win in the history of the Premier League following Manchester United’s victory against Ipswich Town.

Defoe was on point throughout much of the game and remains the only Tottenham player in the history of the Premier League to score a total of five or more goals in a single event, and was one of the best players alongside Aaron Lennon and Chris Kirkland.

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