Kane Looking for Clause in New Contract

Harry Kane is widely considered the best player that the Tottenham Hotspurs have on the roster right now. Kane has been at the lead of some of their biggest victories over the years, and many fans feel that without Kane heading the team, the Spurs would not have been on some of the winning streaks that they have claimed in recent years.

The skill and popularity of Kane means that other clubs are always on the lookout for a possible transfer, and he’s become something of a serious hot commodity in professional English football. News about his contract with the Spurs has become public, and it’s believed that the player is looking to add a clause to his new, upcoming contract with the Spurs that would give him a way to release himself from the contract if he was to find a better position with another club.

The New Release Clause
Dean Jones, a transfer insider, has speculated that Harry Kane will most likely want a release clause to be a part of the new contract that he signs with Hotspur Way. One of the clubs that has shown the most interest in recent years is Bayern Munich, who have long been keen on signing the English captain. The Hotspurs will have to move quickly and make sure that Kane’s needs are looked after with such hot offers up for grabs, and even then, a release clause would mean that Kane would be able to move on should he feel that he no longer has a place with his current team.

Kane currently has less than two years that are remaining on his contract with Tottenham, and during the last transfer window, he was also targeted by Manchester City. It’s also speculated that 29-year-old Kane will likely move to a different club around the 2023 mark, although it’s not too likely that he will be going for Manchester City, not when there are bigger and better deals that are currently on the table.

The Future Of Kane In Tottenham
Dean Jones has stated that if the Spurs are even able to get Kane to sign a new contract with him, it will only be done under the provision that a release clause is added. Talking to the public, Jones said that the negotiation will be around the release clause, and that Kane will use his expiring contract as a way to draw a line in the sand with Tottenham, and if that things are not going well with the team, he will have the freedom to move on to something else. But it might be worth diving into Australian online betting sites until a decision is made, especially if live betting is on offer.

Right now, it’s unclear what move Kane intends to make, and it will be a matter of waiting for the next transfer window this summer to see where his interests lie, and whether he will remain with the team that has hosted him for the last few years.

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