James Garner on the Radar

The Tottenham Hotspurs have been monitoring James Garner, and it’s been reported that Manchester United are getting ready to put the midfielder up for sale at some point during the summer. Garner was a player that many fans of United had hoped to see getting a chance to perform during this season, but it looks like he might instead be moving on to a different team.

Garner had returned to Old Trafford during the summer after he had been a key player in helping Nottingham Forest find be promoted up the roster and has since been under the eye of a lot of different teams, with the Hotspurs being at the top of the pile.

Garner’s Performances
Garner’s form for forest had the 21-year-old make a claim for a chance at his parent club. And despite the fact that Erik ten Hag’s terrible start to the campaign this season, Garner has not been given the opportunity to leave the bench, with many believing that his time with United was quickly coming to an end. But it’s now been made public that he could be given the green light to move on to a new team, although Manchester United has stated that they will only sell the youngster for a sum total of 14 million pounds.

The Hotspurs are not the only team that are considering taking Garner into their ranks, and the announcement that United may be ready to sell has perked interest in a number of clubs. Some of these include Southampton, Leeds, and Everton, all of which have been particularly interested in the player, and would no doubt try and get him to switch over. But the Tottenham Spurs seem to be the most interested party so far, and if they can cover the big cost of buying the midfielder, he might help the team start making more wins, which is especially important considering that they haven’t had the best season so far.

A Potential Future With Tottenham
It has not been made public as to whether the Spurs actually intend on paying the buy price and taking Garner to their side during the upcoming transfer window this season, or if Garner fans should rather spend their time on horse betting instead. The cost, compared to many other players, is relatively low, and it won’t set the Hotspurs back too much. Having a good midfielder on the field can do nothing but improve the Hotspurs’ game, especially considering that he could fill several midfielder positions, although many feel that Conte’s team is already quite strong on that front.

Many Manchester United fans feel that the odds are that this is a bad move on the behalf of the club, who are in something of a spiral now, and it’s felt that the team should try and hold on to their strongest players for the upcoming season. Whether Garner is transferred to Tottenham will remain to be seen over the next few months.

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