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    Hi there,

    It is simple really man utd have three distinct playing styles:
    1) Plan A
    This is the primary weapon and it involves attacking repeatedly along the left flank. The ball moves from the defense or goalie(even as far as the right back) to Ryan giggs and then further along the left to Ronaldo and usually into the net! Strategy: Move the defensive line 8m forward of the 18 yard area at all times and maintain it there. The most balanced and agressive midfielder should mark Giggs...he is their oxygen because he supplies 90% of the passes that are converted to goals. Everyone in teh team is programmed to target Ronaldo so a second midfielder should contain Ronaldo. It is a massive mistake to try to cover both right and left me...Fergie tries to rope a dope sides into doing just that! Kill the left wing attck and the ball supply from Giggs and Mna Utd is paralysed!

    2)PLan B
    Plan B is a variation that Alex ferguson had to come up with after I successfully helped Fulham and Liverpool expose PLan A. He moved Christain Ronaldo to the right wing in the hope that we would be stupid enough to move the primary marking away from Giggs and Ronaldo...dont fall for it....the ball still comes from the left and then they use a decoy like Rooney, Park or Tevez to switch the play to the right to Ronaldo at the last moment of advance to score....mark Giggs and Ronaldo always....Rooney, Tevez etc are chance preditors! U nd to watch them but if you do the job of cutting out the passes from Giggs in the first place they will all be left high and dry up front anyway.

    3) Plan C

    This is Ferguson's desperation strike or contingency "15 mins to go" plan. When Man Utd have injuries to ist spine i.e Giggs, Rooney and Ronaldo OR when they are goalless at half time or at the last 15-20 mins of the game....they will bring on Scoles so that he will run inbetween the middel of the defenders in line with the goal keeper in an attempt to intercept crosses played to Ronaldo! This sets Ronaldo up as the decoy to fool defenders and Scoles becomes the primary goal scorer but he hides deep in midfield to avoid detection and strikes from there! He needs to be marked and pinned down in midfield or the far leftwing so he cannot run into that area. Ronaldo acts as decoy and provides overlap should Scoles need very careful of that one!

    Now that you know the basics of just about every contingency that Fergy will do...the only wild cards he can throw at Tottenham is to:
    1) Increase and sustain the pace of attack relentlessly.
    UTD play for 90 mins...not a sec less and they do so relentlessly especially in the last 5 mins...Thats is why a focus on ball possession with an emphasis on attack and NEVER EVER EVER EVER defense is what Tottenham needs at all costs...if you sit back and defend...I will give you terrific odds that you will fail abysmally...even with two or three goals!

    2) The switcheroo

    Fergy will substitute in some new or unusual players but dont be fooled the game plan is the same as the above, just new puppets are performing the play....the players need to watch what the players function and habitual action is rather than who he is...Giggs could be imitated by hargreaves or Park and Ronaldo by Tevez or Rooney...but the ball path and attack plan stays the same!

    If you need verification you can go over the last season of Man Utd Games and most notably the ones where they failed against Fulham and Liverpool and you can see these patterns clearly and also if you watched the last 4 games including FA cup and UEFA when they were carrying injuries,you will note the continguency patterns and strategies and vindicate what I am saying!

    Only ever once or twice this season have they tried to play right sided i,e on the right wing from from fromt to back and the results were pathetic so I doubt they will play that way for 90mins...purhaps to experiment or rope a dope Tottenham in the first half in the hope of getting an early demoralising goal!

    One last important thing....Please dont ever forget to defend corners with two defenders on the goalline....that is just sloppy!

    Get this to Harry, he will know what to make of it! Good luck and go roast some arrogant devils!

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    Legend !

    Wow mate absolute genius! Hope 'Arry sees this lol!

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    With Fulham I sent them the almost exact mail and they didnt get it and subsequently lost 4-0 to Utd...when they met Utd a week or two later someone else had sent it to them and they won 2-0 against UTD! U do the math!
    I tried with Aston villa but they dont have a forum and crashed out horribly agnst utd...making all the mistakes above so i know Zola didnt follow that plan! If anything that last Aston/Utd game is a lesson on what not to do!

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    Funny, if nothing more.

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    If you think thats funny......I campaigned to have RAFA replaced with Guus Hid**** last April....everyone then said GUUS? GUUS WHO? In Rafa we! Now they are kicking themselves! Just get the msg to Harry then sit back and relax.... is in no way authorised by or connected with Tottenham Hotspur [insert appropriate acronym] or the official club website. is solely an unofficial supporters club website and has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur in ANY capacity. The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors. Externally linked content is the property of the relevant copyright holder.
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