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    Hi i thought i'd let everyone know Harry Redknapp keeps making me laugh but in a good way, it's everytime i see him talking about our performances after every game. He is so serious there's no need to be. I don't know why i burst out laughing i just do, i think it's because he is such a fantastic coach and i know we can't go wrong with him. (my boyfriend say's Harry's talking a load of rubbish) Harry needs to laugh a little.

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    i love mister ed and can not lie lol

    Champions League is serious business .

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    Legend !

    i just always think of droopy dog when he speaks. if only he could get the voice down now.

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    Rev John Ripsher (19-08-2010)

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    'arry, he's the guv'nor and i think underneath the phlegmatic exterior his super calculating brain is working on the problems of the next match, s'why he looks so sober - he's a great manager and a great man manager

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    I like his sarcastic comments like "yeah we thought well give leeds a goal cause itll be nice, i havent been at elland road for a few years so itll be a nice night" lol so he can have a joke sometimes and i loved it when he told that guy too fook off for calling him a wheeler deeler.

    A vid of the best ever harry redknapp interviews
    YouTube - The Best Ever Harry Redknapp Interviews

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    424style (09-10-2010)

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    Brilliant about Redknapp and Leeds, hadnt heard that before, funny as hell. is in no way authorised by or connected with Tottenham Hotspur [insert appropriate acronym] or the official club website. is solely an unofficial supporters club website and has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur in ANY capacity. The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors. Externally linked content is the property of the relevant copyright holder.
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