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    Great new Modric video. Lots of great footage from his time at Spurs, from that game against Bolton where we saw Modric's coming of age at Spurs coincide with 'Arry's arrival at the Lane, right up to this current season and all superbly well put together.

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    i love mister ed and can not lie lol

    I thought this was going to be one of your really long but amazing posts bass! Lol... awesome video though!

    EDIT: It's so hard to decide which players i find most exciting to watch in the world but Modders is definitely in it!
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    i got theseeeee cheeessseeburgers mannn

    Amazing.. who's that team in the maroon shorts and puke-colored shirts?

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    Legend !

    Quote Originally Posted by MagnaThor View Post
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    Amazing.. who's that team in the maroon shorts and puke-colored shirts?
    If it's the red and yellow one you're talking about at 2:10, it's Stoke.

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    Last tango in Belfast

    What a player! Much and all as I hate saying it but he really wouldn't look out of place at Barca or Madrid. We should be thankful we have him at Spurs for the time being. Long may it last. To the list of modern day Spurs midfield icons(Hoddle, Ardiles, Gascoigne) please add Luka Modric.

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    TECHNICALLY he has to have an IQ above 145 to be considered genius.

    Until we know that this thread has no credabiliy at all.

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    can an iq test measure creativity? this is a true question. anyway i am a fan of this luka modric creature.

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