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    I didnt find better video but it shows clearly and i think you all saw it if you watched the game.
    Can someone tell me what is wrong with carragher after skrtel gets red card??
    Is he realy trying to substitue skrtel after he got the red card,this is epic stuff,i am still cracking,so funny.
    Idiot award of the year goes to............

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    1van (19-09-2011)

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    Banned !

    hah i did not get to see this.. funny... weird game really..

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    it would have been so smart had he got away with yet. but he didnt

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    No he's using his experience there,

    He's keeping Skrtel on the pitch so Kenny can make a quick substitution so there is no hole in the defense.

    Otherwise a midfield player would have to fill in at left back.

    So actually, Not idiotic by Carra, for once.

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    THFCsaunders (19-09-2011)

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    I was just about to say what @Irish Yid Pavlyuchenko said

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