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Thread: Spurs injuries

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    Is it just me, or spurs have had one of the worst runs with injury this season (except everton) yet none of the media seem to mention it at all. Everytime Spurs have a poor game they are critisied but teams like pool who only have 1 or 2 players out seem to use it as an excuse.

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    Its a fair point...but there is already a thread on this.

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    to be honest i really dont think thats the case. more that your making something out of nothing.

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    We have probley had as many injuries as Everton but theres all come at once while ours was spread over the whole season taking turns to get knocks.

    I see what you mean by the media do, they make a massive thing about Jagielka being injured back no mention of Woodgate. I think the majority of the press have it in for Tottenham where they see Everton in a different light as they have not spent as much money. The same reporting standards are not held when it comes to Chelsea, City, Utd or Liverpool do who spend massive amounts but get good reporting.

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    I've just had a quick tot-up of all the players who have been out this season with injuries & sickness.

    After 38 Premier League & Domestic Cup matches played so far in 2009-10, the following players have missed matches...

    Woodgate 34
    Cudicini 26
    King 22
    Lennon 17
    Modric 15
    Jenas 12
    Assou-Ekotto 11
    Dos Santos 11
    Dawson 7
    Bale 7
    Pavlyuchenko 7
    Bentley 6
    Gomes 3
    Huddlestone 3
    Bassong 2
    Corluka 1
    Crouch 1
    Kranjcar 1
    Hutton 1
    Totals: 187
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    well its not a bad season considering all them injuries is it.....COYS

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    Not much we can do about it. Nor am I that bothered that The Sun et al don't give us much credit. To hell with em. Plus without injuries we may not have seen the best out of Bale and the likes of Pav and Bentley would have been written off as flops. Not saying it's been ideal having so many injuries though, just trying to think positive. is in no way authorised by or connected with Tottenham Hotspur [insert appropriate acronym] or the official club website. is solely an unofficial supporters club website and has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur in ANY capacity. The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors. Externally linked content is the property of the relevant copyright holder.
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