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Thread: Cycling.

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    Makes me laugh that britain win some golds in cycling and now every one wants to ride a bike, if we hadnt won any no one would have even mentioned cycling.
    We only sing when we are winnin.

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    Bo**ocks. Britain has always been a fantastic nation with regards to competitive cycling. The first ever organised road race was one by a briton way back at the turn of the last century. Certainly since the late fifties/ early sixties this nation has continually produced outstanding athletes that have competed with the best that Europe offers. Brian Robinson, Bob Addy, Tom Simpson, Barry Hoban, Paul Sherwen, Robert Millar, Sean Yates, Max Sciandri, Chris Hoy, Chris Boardman, Bradley Wiggins, Nicole Cooke, Victoria Pendleton, do I have to go on? The success that the cycle team achieved at Beijing is the result of hard work, dedication and forward planning that started waaay back at the Barcelona Olympics when Chris Boardman was Great Britains only gold medallist in any discipline. We as an island have multiple world champions, olympic gold medal winners and highly successful seasoned professionals riding in some of Europes top teams (Mark Cavendish, David Millar, Charley Weigelus to name but three) competing and beating the best. Do we have a National football team that can boast the same level of success? No. Combine this with tax-free bike to work schemes, conjestion charging, health awarness, green issues etc then cycling feels fully justified in finding itself enjoying a resurgence, and long may it continue. Also it gives fully grown men an excuse to shave their legs and wear lycra!
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