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    Legend !

    Not sure if this is the right section for this so apologies if it should be someone else...

    Basically I'm going to Uni in Bournemouth this September but I still want to make it up for a few games if possible next season

    Not goin to be able to drive up as they don't allow you to take your car to the uni and there's noway I'm paying stupid money to park it off campus all year

    Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend the best/easiest/quickest way to get to WHL from Bournemouth?

    Not expecting much feedback tbh haha

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    Piece of p*ss

    National express coach.......... book in advance preferably 2 weeks as you get the ticket cheap as chips.

    Bournemouth to victoria station

    Take the tube ...'victoria line' to Seven sisters (thats the name of the stop)...... then its a walk up the high road..... a must if you really want to get into the atmosphere.

    If not there are buses that run regular up and down the high road......but that could make you look like a lazy fooker

    Hope that helps m8

    If you are gonna float around a bit before heading towards the game/stadium ..... be careful wearing colours, you only need to bump into some wronguns making the same journey for your day to turn sour.

    ....personally I dont wear my shirt/scalf or anything but thats because I very often go on the p*ss after the game ..... so do a few thousand visiting fans if you catch my drift.

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    jonspurs (15-07-2011)

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    Legend !

    Thanks for the info mate, much appreciated!

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    Player in Training

    I go up from Southampton about ten times a year. Getting there is fine, getting back harder. Normally get the train to Waterloo, the tube to Bank (Waterloo and City line, one stop) then a nice little stroll to Liverpool Street (5 mins and plenty of nice places to get a bite. Then take national rail to Northumberland Park (not WHL). Might sound a fafff but it's a nice journey and if you get lucky it is just 2 hours.

    Getting back is harder with the crowds but one thing I might do sometimes is get the 243 bus from Bruce Grove (?) and it goes straight to Waterloo in an hour

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    I'm at Bournemouth Uni!

    Yeah what @brainiac said is exactly what I do, managed every CL game last season bar Milan and still made the journey back that night (ready for work as I'm on placement year). It's very flexible and if booked I'm advance very cheap.

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