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    There have been a lot of accusations floating around about widespread corruption in FIFA, possibly going up to the highest levels of the organization. While I don't necessarily believe anyone particular theory, I'm inclined to believe that the general idea is true. FIFA's response has to largely been to just ignore the situation. However, they are continually going after officials in the Caribbean. To me this seems like a classic distraction tactic. They are intentionally going after relatively minor players within FIFA so that the higher officials can take the heat off of themselves. To me it seems that powers that be are simply using a small and relatively unimportant part of the organization as a scape goat. While I don't protest to the innocence of the Caribbean officials, I don't think FIFAs motivation in the situation is the purity of the game. I think they are simply using it as a poster child of their efforts to clean up the organization while ignoring the issues in the more important regions (Europe, Asia, Americas, etc. ). These regions hold nearly all the power, as they are the ones that really bring the big money into the organization and are simply crapping on the little guy to protect themselves.

    FIFA to investigate 10 more CFU officials - Soccer -

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    Follow this link Home it's all being detailed there.

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