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    Banned !

    Hi guys,

    Im new here, so dont give me a lot of kicks )

    Im from Ukraine, and working for Ukrainian TV-channel 1plus1

    We are working on a real life projects: showing not a mass culture, but a life as it is.

    So what is this long preparation for: we are going to make a reality show about football fans / ultras, which are travelling to Ukraine from abroad: what will they do, see and feel - to look over Ukraine with their eyes

    Idea - is to find some people, who want to participate in a show, made by themselves...

    They visit Ukrainian EURO host-cities - Kiev, Donets, Kharkiv, Lviv - as usual fans/ultras, who come to watch a football match and spend some time in a country - filming their activity with handycams )

    About the project:
    we are going to start it in October: dates will be known after we will get all people involved. But no one is obliged to go on particular dates - participants could choose any comfortable time for them, because all of them will go different ways

    Financing costs:
    All most will be covered by organizer

    So what you will get;
    - tickets to- from Ukraine / petrol paid if you go by own car
    - we will meet you in the first spot of your entering and equip you with handycams
    - than set up your directions, and provide you with money you can spend / guarantee letter to cover your expenses at the end of the trip
    Have more questions - do not hesitate to ask

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