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    Legend !

    The recent ramblings about the BOA's football team for next year's Olympics got me thinking about who might make the squad. I am, of course, talking hypothetically so let's try not to turn this into some debate about whether or not all four nations will actually come together to do this. Let's assume that, in the spirit of the joy of sport, the Celtic (hard C, not soft C) FAs relent and allow their players to take part.

    Here are the rules:

    The squad consists of 18 players.
    All the players except for 3 must be 23 or under as of June 2012 (I'm not sure when the cut-off date is so I picked one).
    The remaining 3 players can be any age.
    Each nation must be represented with at least 3 players (not an Olympic rule but if the FAs all agree they'll want to see their nations represented)

    Bearing that in mind, please list your squad below (including a manager) and the formation they'd play. Remember, this is taking place in a year's time so we'll need to guess a little at how some players develop. Here's mine (seniors in bold):

    GK - Grant Adam (Sco)
    GK - Stuart Rafferty (NI)

    DEF - Chris Smalling (Eng)
    DEF - Phil Jones (Eng)
    DEF - Craig Cathcart (NI)
    DEF - Ryan McGivern (NI)
    DEF - Kyle Walker (Eng)
    DEF - Danny Rose (Eng)

    MID - Jack Wilshere (Eng)
    MID - Aaron Ramsey (Wal)
    MID - John Fleck (Sco)
    MID - Gareth Bale (Wal)
    MID - Barry Bannan (Sco)
    MID - Ashley Young (Eng)
    MID - Charlie Adam (Sco)

    FOR - Danny Sturridge (Eng)
    FOR - Connor Wickham (Eng)
    FOR - Craig Bellamy (Wal)

    Manager - Owen Coyle (Sco)

    ---------------G. Adam-----------------
    ---------Ramsey------C. Adam----------

    I tried to make a lineup with a good mix of nations in there too. Really I'd have preferred Rose at left back as I don't know how good McGivern is at getting forward to overlap Young on the left but I couldn't get NI in anywhere else without disrupting the Smalling/Jones partnership. I also tried to pick senior players that were more like leaders than just the best players that were available. Mixing the nationalities amongst them I also thought was quite important for team bonding.

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    i love sucking off spongebob

    What is the point?

    Argies will act the **** and play Messi.

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    First Team Player

    You're allowed 3 players over 23

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