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    Has this guy got ANY balls at all? where is it, Pete? to the thousands of fans who spent thier hard-earned on the trip to Madrid? to the tens of thousands of fans who have gone
    and supported Spurs home and away in the previous games? to the hundreds of thousands
    of schoolkids who had the piss ripped out of them at school? To Harry and the rest of the team? Van der Vaart did it, Gomez did it as well, both did it on the following day in all and every manner of media coverage, so come on, man up Crouch........

    WHERE'S THE FECKIN' APOLOGY ???????????????????

    It's the absolute least you could do,
    Start by doing one decent thing. Apologise. And make it sound like you mean it.

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    I will be very surprised if this thread even stays up much longer than a day or two...

    Crouch is really distraught over the red card... He'll probably be down and depressed for quite some time, because he knew how big the game was.

    Here is the apology: peter crouch apologizes - Google Search
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    Well am gonna say this i think big Pete will be well pissed off at the moment,
    He's been awesome in the champions league am sure he's scored about 7 goals hasn't he???
    We should not forget the way he's contributed to the team yeah they were stupid challenges but we can't stay mad at
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