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Thread: Home Leg Ticket

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    Player in Training

    Anyone with 2 spare tickets, please inbox me

    Guaranteed buyer!

    Price Negotiable

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    I'm ***y and I know it

    Get in line

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    Legend !

    Good luck.

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    Player in Training

    H all.Just joined up today.good to read everyones views etc.
    Was online last week for over 2 hours but no luck with tickets for ac match.i know its a long shot but if anyone knows of a spare please let me know.
    Went to milan for inter match and had a great time.Cant imagine having too watch the home game on tv after the amazing night at the lane.
    Will pay a good price for ticket if anyone knows of a spare.coys

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    I am the Drei of all the Icons

    I'm afraid your only chances are by going to ticket touts and paying ridiculous fees. is in no way authorised by or connected with Tottenham Hotspur [insert appropriate acronym] or the official club website. is solely an unofficial supporters club website and has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur in ANY capacity. The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors. Externally linked content is the property of the relevant copyright holder.
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