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    Alright yidos

    Anyone been on a day trip with thomas cook before? Got enough loyalty points and booked the day trip a few weeks back. Just wanted to know what goes on?

    cheers xx

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    Yeah, went to the Udinese game on the day trip. Think I was still writing match reports at the time if you want to trawl through the archive!

    Early start from Stansted, coaches from the airport into the centre of town (which was very nice as they'd laid on some local food and wine stalls for us), afternoon to do pretty much as you wanted, meet back at designated point for coach transfer to the ground (too bloody early as we were milling around the outside of the stadium for about two hours), coach transfer back to the airport, late night arrival back in Stansted.

    Not my preferred method of watching Spurs in Europe, by any stretch, but if that's the only way to do it, I'd do it.

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    Cheers for the reply! I spoke to a fellow season ticket holder about when he went to Seville. pretty much the same setup then!

    Thats good to know, I was wondering if they were just going to take us straight to the ground, went to the inter match but didnt have enough loyalty points so went into the neutral end, we were there for two days so did all the small amount of sightseeing, so a day trip works out for the best in this case

    thanks again


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    Just thought i'd mention Thomas cook, and sort of big them up, as i live in Newquay, so it's not easy getting tickets for any game, (i lived in london till 25 years ago, and had a season ticket for years) and wanted to go to a c/l match. seeing as my body is all mashed up, an away trip was a bit of an ask, so looked at Thomas cook for the Inter game at the lane.
    They supplied me with two tickets in the north stand upper, quite near the back but still excellent view, but as it had to be part of a "package", they also provided me with one night's accomodation at the Premier inn at Wembley. (No choice as to hotel venue, but will be double handy for the final!)
    Total cost, not including travel to and from Cornwall or to and from White hart lane, was 370, Which i thought was ok-ish. Of course, after the game i would have sold my soul for the privelage of watching us teach the current c/l champions such a lesson.
    Of course, i think i spent a couple of hundred at the bar back at the hotel! and worth every penny, as lots of Spurs fans had also bought the same package.
    I believe that Thomas Cook sold about 90 or so at the same place, but worth notong that a lot of people at the match had purchased the package just for the ticket, as they lived closer than i, and just didn't bother with the hotel. WE were all seated together, so i spoke to quite a few people there.
    I hope that my ramblings have helped in some tiny way, all i'm trying to say is that Thomas cook did everything they said and i was pleased with the service!
    and no, i don't work for them!
    I would only buy from a well known firm for things like this, and i advise others to follow this advice, as gettin ripped off is all too easy these days.
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