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    Legend !

    as their contracts all run out 2012

    Goalkeeper: Adler(Leverkusen)

    Central Defenders: Van Buyten,Breno(both Bayern),Beck(Hoffenheim)

    Defensive Midfielders: Ballack(Leverkusen)Tymoshchuk(Bayern)

    Left Winger: Barnetta(Leverkusen)

    Right Winger: Farfan(Schalke)

    Playmaker: Salihovic(Hoffenheim)

    Attackers: Petric(Hamburg),Raul(Schalke)

    I wouldnt say no to Farfan, he would make our right wing a lot stronger.

    Adler is **** , breno unproven , beck not better than walker or corluka. Van Buyten is okayish.

    Ballack too old and Tymoshchuk just no.

    Barnetta would be a good addition as well but bale plays there and kranjcar.

    Salihovic has great free kicks .

    Cant say no to raul either as a player like him can never be too old =)

    Petric is ok but not a 4-5-1 striker.

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